Dove Campaign

Julia has recently been honoured with heading the make-up for the current Dove Real Beauty campaign in Brazil. The ever-evolving campaign’s latest effort involves - real women and is to celebrate the differences in women’s bodies and inspire women to be comfortable in their own skin. In its use of non-traditional models Dove also made its campaign the centerpiece of ongoing debate about how society views women, their appearances, and their value.

“This campaign has undoubtedly been the highlight of my career so far. So much time and consideration was involved when consulting with the Dove team and designing individual mood-boards for each of the 15 women. These real women will be gracing the pages of Brazil’s top magazines and billboards all over the country. We wanted to make each of these women look and truly feel as beautiful as possible whilst keeping their natural style, individuality and identity.”

"It was such a joy to work with these amazing, inspiring women, each one of them with their own insecurities that we wanted to help them overcome. The journey that the Dove transformation took them through, from walking through the door to coming off of the set was captivating & pure. Not just the physical transformation but the difference inside. Each woman walked off set feeling as beautiful as they really are. This campaign for these real women is life changing and I can honestly say that it has further empowered my life and my career.”

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